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A Film about a most unusual journey 

It started with an idea, a dream to build bridges through kindness and document the journey in a film.  

A Canadian Egyptian Entrepreneur living in Switzerland (Tarek Mounib) wanted to offer a free vacation to Egypt to Americans concerned about an Islamic threat.  What happened next was beyond his wildest dreams.  He paired up with an American Muslim YouTube celebrity (Adam Saleh) and the two of them went across the United States  searching for potential travelers.  The search took them to interesting places and allowed them to meet Americans from different backgrounds and they found themselves in the most unlikely of places - from a small town in the heart of Georgia, a Trump Rally in Kentucky, an anti-Trump Protest to Union Square in New York City and many other fascinating locations in the United States.

The search was successful, and they found a group of open-minded Americans courageous enough to come and discover what lay beyond the media images, but there were twists and turns along the way and not everyone who said they would come made it on the journey.  

We had five separate camera crews follow the five Egyptian journeys of the Americans and each of the journeys were truly amazing and inspirational.  

The entire journey was captured in the film Free Trip to Egypt.

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