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Many people legitimately want to secure their own borders (e.g. Americans) and are talking about building walls and banning Muslims. This makes Muslims and other minorities afraid and creates deeper division and suspicion.

Kindness Films asked itself: Could there be another way?  What if Muslims and those who are concerned by an Islamic threat shared time and experiences together?

Are you concerned by an Islamic threat?  We want to hear from you.  Would you be courageous enough to accept an all expenses paid vacation to Egypt for you and your family?  We would then be filming you and your experiences to share with others through a feature documentary film.

We would like to treat you to a holiday, have a chance to dialogue with you and really hear what you have to say! 


Be adventurous and tell us why you would like to come by submitting a video.

The earlier the better; the deadline has been extended to Mar 17th, 2017 at which time we will select the lucky winners to come on this adventure.

Calling all Americans who are concerned by an Islamic threat...

In January 2017 Kindness Films launched its search for Americans concerned about an Islamic threat to offer them a free vacation to Egypt.  We could have never have imagined what happened next...

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