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Ellen and Terry

Ellen and Terry are from a small town in rural Pennsylvania.  Ellen described herself as a Jewish woman who was very tolerant until "9-11" happened.  She has been living in fear of Muslims ever since and wants to face that fear and find the energy of her youth.  Terry wants to go beyond his suspicions and meet the people first-hand.


Katie is a former marine living in Arizona.  She has never been to Egypt and has only heard the negative stereotypes of Muslims including how badly they treat woman.  She is curious to discover first-hand how women are treated in a Muslim country.

Jason and Jenna

Jason and Jenna are good friends and are part of the same church (True Believers in Christ).  They want to spread love and kindness in the name of Jesus and would like to see and meet Muslims in their land of origin. Jason is a preacher and Jenna is a former Miss Kentucky.


Marc is a police officer from Louisville, Kentucky. He is constantly hearing about Muslims in the media and wants to see for himself what lies beyond the media images.


Brian is a former Marine and served on various international assignments.  He never had a chance to truly meet the people and wants to journey to Egypt to connect on a human level and see what Egypt and the people have to offer.

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